Friday, 16 September 2011

Anything divided by zero

Infinity October Releases listed for PreOrder

Nice hat

Where I hide my Naughty Space Pixies …

No Hassle

Hasslefree Miniatures - New Releases

I have seen the future ...

EDITORIAL: Behold the Future of Miniatures


Formidable Forge Father Hero Revealed

Keerboom !!!

Fire At Will! It’s the Forge Father Artillery

CMON Goodies



Eldar Wraithlord

Nemesis Dreadknight

Talos Pain Engine

Bases Bullion

Dragon Forge Designs 1st Ever Sculpting Competition!!!


Wolf Guard Terminators

Adept (bumped for more wonderous additions ... my PayPal contact is available ;) )

HiTech Miniatures - Bio-Tech Covenant Alpha Corporis ONE

HiTech Miniatures - Bio-Tech Covenant Alpha Corporis TWO

28mm Alpha Corporis THREE

HiTech Miniatures - Alpha Corporis THREE and FOUR

28mm Alpha Corporis FIVE

Alpha coroporis SEVEN -standard bearer
28mm Alpha Corporis SEVEN standard bearer

HiTech Miniatures - War Pastor Castor
War Pastor "Castor"

Alpha Corporis Egzekuthor Squad

The artist is GRYTZ

Since I am at it, here are the others HITECHs I will be saving for ...

28mmSF ArchFather Proximus

28mm ArchFather Six Nil Six Factor

28mm Great Fallen Lord Xavier

28mm Archdiacre Michael

Hell Cruiser Arcturus

Socket to you

A simple wooden socket for the Lord!

Is it wrong (in many ways) to love this?

3D Art: Tesalia


Battle Flag solves the issue of painting Tartan
Battle Flag release 28mm Scale Tartan decals

Nigel and Buddy

Finished! Space Wolf Lord and Njal

Basic Metal

A quick way to paint metal decking

Sure I did one of these, anyways ...

Cracking the Two Player Starter

Newburyfication 2011 (bumped for greatness)

Colours 2011 (or The Case Of The Mysteriously Closed Wallet)

Colours 2011

Colours 2011

Colours 2011

Terrain Friday

Models for Sale

Architects of War - Terrain Previews

scenografia Epsilon - 15mm Vietnam terrain