Saturday, 13 August 2011

That's The Spirit

Space Wolf Champion

Blasted Things on a Stick

Reinforcements for Chaos Daemons & Dark Eldar

All My Textured Bases May Belong To Me, Soon (Part 1)

Well, some years ago, always with an eye open for a project, I spotted some cheap, textured, vinyl, wall 'paper'. It is fine decor pattern 22760 (I wish I had bought a few rolls, as I cannot find it, now, but I have enough to keep me busy).

Here is the first stage, in preparing a few bases, 'as is' and with a few additions, later (clicky for biggy) ...

More piggies (hung?!!!)

Pro Pigments Laynched by Model Display Products


Details - Explosivo!

Not Grim

Astorath the Grim video


Titan Forge - Griffon Lady

Great days to love models ... big pics please

Cipher Studio - New Helldorado Waves (via Fantization)


Tutorial - Desert

Tutorial - Desert part 2

Tutorial - desert part 3

Sew What?

279 Transporting the Army for a Fiver


Work in Progress 4°: Mi faccio il mio Maniero – I make my Manor

Beware of Frosty

The dreaded [War]-Jack Frost strikes again


Nurgle Vindicator



Oh dear

 Storm Strider: Cleanup & Assembly

Our Pleasure

Thanks & Things to come….