Saturday, 10 September 2011

50,000 Reads !!! We Are On A Roll :)

What can I say?

Hello New Readers and Posters :)
Hello New Troops :)
Hello Tweeters :)
Thank You Old Hands :)

It has been a great ride, from 45,000 to 50,000 ... a combination of many, identifiable, things, but, all that matters, is that I enjoy it and keep posting, and you enjoy it and keep reading ... even posting (!).

A great time to be in The Hobby and a great time to share it with others.


The Colonel

On Metallic Pigments (Part 1)

What it says on the tin ...

Hobbycribs Refit

A New Lair (Phase 2a)
A New Lair (phase 1)

Now it's cooking

Ork Bommba Project Log - Part 3

Casting Call

Anvil Industry

Salve a tutti

Le combinazioni impossibili di Endar


Scibor Miniatures - Painted Templar SciFi Knight

Quick and Nice

Painting for Tournaments, Part 2: Basic Basing Principles

That will take some pinning

Mechs for the Republic

American Legion Warrior Mech


Painting guide-Russian Infantry Zvezda

Chunky and Tiny


Quick wash and brush-up

Basic Training: Washing

Very useful, 28mm please?

Cataloging Non-Military Humans in 15mm


Hell Dorado: September Releases

Spesh Mareens !!! (Part 6)

Fornicatius the Beloved receives The Mark of She Who Thirsts ...

"It is recorded, that Fornicatius the Beloved wields a bolt pistol, merely to gain your attention. He sees it as a trifling inconvenience and yearns for nothing more, than to meet his adversaries in close combat; then the abominable intimacy begins, Chaplain-Confessor Herecles Ansimon of the Dream Reapers, in, The Laurentixian Annalium (1675(13))."

... but he still has much to receive.

Spesh Mareens !!! (Part 5)

OK, seems I got the wrong end of the stick about the competition rules.

Since I do not wish to rush my Dream Reapers CSMs, there has been a change of plan.

There will be one model entered (CSM) ... cannot show him, quite yet, but here is a teaser of where we are going (in some ways, as we always were), with the perfect, magic, ingredient, found, fortuitously, in town today ;)