Sunday, 2 January 2011

I have been enjoying Terrainoob's videos (except one of them :( )

Not a beginner, but an obvious natural talent (and/or good researcher) and an, apparently, nice guy to boot (but not too hard please ;) ).

I like how he gets good results, often from more 'economical/simpler approaches' ... of course, skill makes things look simpler.

Terrainoob's Techniques - Nature Basing

Need it Fast and Furious?

Speed Painting

MOTW Revisted from NR

Mark of the Wolfen

In the privacy of your own spray booth from D

Vlog Spray Booth 2 

Good team effort from R and readers on painting black

Painting black, some help

Good zeitgeistal SM fast attack review from O

And They Shall Know No Fear: Fast Attack

Golden tutorial and review from M

Painting Recipes : Gold 

Andrea Black Paint Set review from The General

General Review #11, Andrea Black Paint Set, Vid 80


Other review here.

Wargamer's Consortium unknown freebie competition (I think)

VWG Consortium War Council & Subscriber Drawing!

I like the Big Boy - 54mm

54mm Scale S-F Exorcist