Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bane Of Builds (bumped for addage)

How to make rivets for Tanks, Buildings etc
40k Imperial Guard Baneblade Mk.1 scratch build Pt. 3
40k Imperial Guard Baneblade scratch build Pt. 2
40k Inquisition Henchmen Diorama update Pt.2 and Baneblade Project

Silicone, Sister :)

Silicon Brush


RichterScaleStudios: Mini Brian Space Marine

Finest Green (bumped for addage)

How to Paint Dark Angels Space Marines Part 1 of 2 Warhammer 40k
How to Paint Dark Angels Space Marine Part 2 of 2

Green Mould

TerranScapes - Cavity Pour Mold Making Overview
How to Make a Cavity Pour Mold


How to paint a Heldrake? Chaos Space Marine Warhammer 40k Painting Tutorial

For Cryx

Cryx Mechanithrals (Warmachine Unboxing)

For Tau

Darrell Gets Out the Tau XV8 Battlesuit (Warhammer 40K Unboxing)