Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dust Off Your Bits

Dust Tactics Walker Conversion Contest

Shaun Of The Resin

Shaun paints up a stunning Leviathan Crusader
Tanks and Trolls

Floating His Boat

Team Secret Weapon: Wash Me In Baby Poop!


Secret Weapon Miniatures: Osteological Goodness

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick ...

Review: Broken Egg Games Classic Egg Tray
Review - Broken Egg Games Wooden Tray

Painting Ponderings

How-to Tuesday: Testing a Paint Scheme

In The Flesh

How to paint rich skin tones and their effect

Rocky Hillboa

Hill complete... finally!


Work in Progress - the limited Options


Thunder Wolf Lords Completed

Popooree (bumped for addage)

COMPLETE: Dreadknight Bob

Another Big Game, & "Operation FREEloader" (i'll get to squats soon!)

Secure the LZ

Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl: first team of 2012

Una ocurrencia para escenografía...


The CoC and a very busy January

Valleycon – A how to lose at Warmachine special edition!

Paint Party!

Pint Sized Tank Killer...


Maelok Dreadbound

Sabre Tank Hunter 'Scion of Baal'

Old West Cowboy Saloon Wargame Building

6x6: finished...

Armed British Police

Hammer Time- Custom Ironclad Dreadnought

Direct Terrain from Miniature Building Authority Adds More Bunkers

Acheson Creations Announces New 14/7 Membership Discount Club

Andrea Miniatures February 54mm releases
Vikingo a Caballo releases Walker Close Combat Arm

Rebel Minis release new Sci-Fi Mechs

Kobblestone Miniatures Releases New Multi Playable Terrain

January Project ... Success!

Dark Age Fantasy Campaign: The Raid - AAR

 Hasslefree goblin

Shadowbane - First Tier

Laser Fence Painted

From Curt: 28mm Napoleonic French Cuirassier Unit / Casualty Stand & French Aide-de-Camp (20 points)

15mm Splintered Light Mountain Giant finished
Mountain Giant fixed

Tale of War - Painted Logan

 Heresy Miniatures - Gang Booster Pack and Random Zombie

Kingdom Death - Mother and Lion Knight 2nd

Perry Miniatures - New Releases

Eat yer haggis ya wee basterd!

Kanoptech-Spinnen / Canoptek Spyders

Trolly train of Khorne and Slaanesh Ape Demon WIP's 

Supplies and Surprise!

Carey's Blunder - A Zulu War Participation Game.


The Viper Suit Has Arrived!!!

Wolontarze nr 5

Puppets War "Big Momma" Tank gun

Adepticon announces limited edition 10th anniversary model

Colonel John Cadwalader - AWI Militia

Guest Post: Ragiks against the machine

From RayR: 15mm French & Indian Wars Work Party (42 points)

Another Pleasant Valley morning

Dwarf Stronghold army display

Conversion Corner: Super Sails Dark Eldar Ravengers

Finished Sisters of Battle army - warning lots of pictures!

Commissions: More Warmachine....

Wood Elf waystones

Showcase: Pre-Heresy World Eaters Deimos Pattern Rhinos

Illuminor Szeras for Necrons, Tri-arch stalker pattern

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Spartan painting in progress

6mm Grande Armee

Adeptus Mechanicus Master of the Forge on bike

Vietnam Temple for Sale

The Russians Bite Back

Death Korps of Krieg Superheavy Tanks; Necron Immortals

Our Dark Ages Participation Game

The Beastman Warband

 Warmachine: Khador Project

Sergeant Kell finished!

Pictures from a Dystopian Wars game

Conflict GT: Warhammer Fantasy (Part I)

Ottoman Janissaries