Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Made by Humans

BADGER Airbrush Tour 2011

Why make your own?

MU 18 - Review - Secret Weapon Washes

Blogger Next?

The Wonders of Games Workshop Facebook

Keep your balance

Taking Good Photos: Ajusting White Balance

He's gonna tell yer

So what is "Truescale"?

Litle pyramids

Spiked Mace

For Tanith

A few more Tanith for you...

Bloody Nice

Blood Angels Dreadnought done

Very nice work

Coldren Minis Painting Service

Hobbycrib of The Colonel

Busy end of The Colonel's Mancave ... still rebuilding, after the move ...

Like what I did with the magnifying glass? ;)

Since We Were Doing Naughty Dream Reapers (Part 1)

This Aspirer is one of my ongoing projects ...

Oh, and his arms are magged for swapping goodness and he can be rebased ...

Spesh Mareens !!! (Part 4)

Pinning and first gluing done ...

Tacked mock-ups, before final fitting (well, not backpacks, for now), filling, modding, cleaning and bases ...

Very Nice

Aquarius - Dire Avenger Exarch

Or is it Memorex?

Photoshop It - Commander

Oh Noes

Scibor Miniatures - New SciFi Miniatures

Sticky Fixing

Notes and reflections on Model Dads new 15mm Normandy: Mines, Signs and Maps decals