Monday, 24 January 2011

Lovely, ratty, things

Warhammer: Skaven War Engines
Warhammer Battles, Skaven Scenery; Night Spinner Rules

Lovely door and 'room from The Doctor

Paint along + doors

More nice howlers (Old Skool-Approved)

Reinforcements: Space Wolves

Poor baby already under the knife

Death from above!
A review.

Fur enough

Painting fur... the hard way from Ron

Elf and Safely

High Elf Prince (mounted)
High Elf Prince (continued)

You've got the power ...

Legio Custodes - Painting Gold Non-Metallic Metal

Pays to advertise

Making my own banners from M.

Thanks to Ron ...

Making cardstock banners for 40k
Cardstock banners... advanced techniques
Beyond cardstock... greenstuff banners, pt.1
Beyond cardstock... greenstuff banners, pt.2

Not red, still grey

New Blood Angels Dreads Built and Reviewed

One real leg, but hermoso

Profundizando en la cenitalidad (!)