Sunday, 3 April 2011

Adepticon Event Live Now (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT)!!!

The Adepticon Warhammer 40k Championship Tournament

Join us for the live coverage of the final two tables of The Adepticon 40k Championship Tournament! We will have multiple angles on both tables to bring you right into the 40k action!

Adepticon Live Coverage and Blog Links

Much more than Basic

Roman Corner - update

Roman corner

Nicely Done

Eldrad Conversion Painted and Finished

Nice sculpting

Sculpting to small to believe! (Space Marine Showcase)

Reviews from The Dizmo

Marneus Calgar & Honor Guard

Mhorgoth's Revenge

Deathking's Cabal

I believe I am correct

Another mini

Start Voting

The Crystal Brush Awards

You know you want to

Clean Your Files


Adepticon 2011: Part Five
Wraping up the weekend
Adepticon Road Trip
Adepticon Day 2 Recap - Team Tournament

AdeptiCon: Tables (from Thursday evening)

Adepticon Pics: The Siege Of Terra Diorama

Dip Like A Man

Old Glory Gaestati WIP


Hirst Arts Tutorial at Adepticon for 40k Terrain

Strippety Strip

Stripping Models: Leave The Money At Home

A little splurge of terrain

Hall of Heroes: The Grand Vestibule

Forge World: Open Day Neuheiten

Dungeon Master’s Keep – Ultimate DM’s Screen


TUTORIAL: Getting the Citadel colours


Model Paint Storage Shelf Vallejo, GW, Mig, Testors, Model Master

Acrylic Paint Shelf

Be safe on the roads

Glow in the Dark test 01
Glow in the Dark test 02

Thumbs Up!!!

Chat with 40k Nation