Thursday, 15 September 2011

BoW Review and Painting Catch-Up

3 Colours Up Review – Tamiya Paints
3 Colours Up Review – Vallejo/Prince August Paints
3 Colours Up Review – Andrea Color Paints
3 Colours Up Review – Citadel Paints
3 Colours Up: Painting an Imperial Fist Dreadnought Part 1
3 Colours Up: Painting a WW2 Sherman Tank Part 1 of 2

Madisonification 2011 - Reclaiming Geek Pride

GeekCon Madison September 2011 #1
GeekCon Madison September 2011 #2
GeekCon Madison September 2011 #3
GeekCon Madison September 2011 #4


How i paint my Blood Angels armour. Tutorial

C needed some support

This channel will be deleted Oct 1 (video taken down)

PSA (done for now)


Aetztech brings out new etched brass for 28-32 mm Miniatures!

You know you wanna

Ammon Miniatures Painting Contest!


Urlaub, Besuch, Freunde und Figurenmalen = Malkränzchen!


La Cripta nell’acqua

Higher Ranks

Grizzled Veterans: Part 2 - Please Shoot Me in the Face

Painting Ponderings

Opportunity For Improvement

Triple Goodness

Triple Review: Chapterhouse Farseer, Scorpion Exarch and Modern Rifles


Robtic's Season Starts


The "Priller´s Focke Wulf" work: Hasegawa 1/72

Rocks and Pebbles

Who needs a display base?

Always welcome

Victory Force - Samurai Warrior Heroes

Missiles Away

Kromlech - Zephyr Missile Launcher

Tankless Task

Macharius tank ending

Death Korps Macharius

Dead Good

Slow News Day


We have a free Daemonic Magelord on Skydevil for you!

In the Bush

Weekly Update... Welcome to the Jungle.

Meeeeooom, Pew

The ARC Fleet Vehicle miniatures are now available

The Other Chicagofication 2011

August 27th Wrath Event in Chicago

Wash your trees

Converting Snow Covered Trees

Been a while

Hey Dogface! Instantmold Wolf Priest helmets tutorial

Peasant Enough

Peasant Enough

Camping Out

15 mm Medieval Polish Camp Element

Romification 2011

GiocaRoma 2011


Tervigon Project Complete

Dragons Away

It’s Inbox Tuesday – bring on the miniatures!


It’s Inbox Tuesday – bring on the miniatures!