Sunday, 15 July 2012

All Washed Out

Secret Weapon washes in-depth review + tutorial

CMON Lovelies

screaming bell (other view)
Sessairs Archers

Silver Machinery

Product review: MR. Hobby, MR. Color Super metallics

Darkly Angelic (bumped for addage)

Dark angels tutorial - Part one: Power Armor. Sound fixed
Dark Angels Tutorial Part 2: metallics. More of how to metallics in general


My New Place :)

Tanks Very Much

Flames of War: Cromwell Armored Platoon
Flames of War: Wittman

Hobbing Ponderings

Natakue's Corner VBLog #21 Community? And what Im doing...


Mercury 9 part 13: First stage is done!

He Has Arrived

AGP Unboxed: Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought

Seemed Smaller

Tardis Project


Product Review Puppetswar, Steampunk Guardsmen Heads


Start to Finish: Crypt Horror