Thursday, 6 January 2011

When is metal not metal?

Matt's NMM and Blending Article

All his bases

Plinth Painting Tutorial

And They Shall Fear No Solvent

Deathwatch Killteam Kompetition


Anyone got a 1:48 Ford Fiesta kit?

MV's "MAD MAX CAR Competition" 2011 
MV's "MAD MAX CAR Competition" 2011


Yah, it is goot, from Brückenkopf Online

GW Dreadstone Blight

VoodooWorx Alien Bases

Hexagons that do not look too hexagonal


Have a look in GP's GW Black Box

BTW, 'tis Skaven.

It’s also about technique, bravery, confidence and application ...

... and learning how to strip minis.

Evolution Part 1: Painting

When you need a little more height - bases

Instant Awesomeness – Micro Art Bases

Ron and Red

Working with red

For personal use only

Silicone Moulds - Gedeo Siligum

I have used this Gedeo product. I wish it was just a little slower, in setting, but I have had some pleasing results and it is good for smaller projects.

Choose Your Brush

Heresy Online Themed Painting Competition 2011 - Session 1