Friday, 22 July 2011

Castles, Zouaves and The Colonel's Lucky Day !!! (Part 3)

Thank you so very much to Mr Perry and Mr Perry ...

... who kindly sent me a few, lovely, Zouave sprues for a little diorama. A little more research:

The 3rd GVI and the 9th New York Infantry
The Siege of Roanoke Island, North Carolina, January 1862, by The Illustrated London News, London

The victory of Roanoke, Feby. 8th, 1862.
USA, Charge of Hawkins Zouaves at Roanoke Island in 1862, 1865.

American Civil War Zouaves 1861-65


Ikit Claw

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Foam it good

Working with foam - part three

In The Pipe, 5 x 5 ...

ALIENS Drop Ship – Scratch Built by Guillermo Centeno