Monday, 12 September 2011


2D Art: Frontis Attack

Always nice

Medieval Pilgrims and travellers

Silver Stuff

Pushing Around Green Stuff: Chain Mail

Venerable Blast

Top Ten Models.... according to me: #4 the Venerable Dreadnought

More Bad Lovelies

Dark Eldar, Chaos, Lizardmen, and a batch of Citadel Finecast miniatures – what a great way to start the weekend

Sisters of Battle circa ...

Princess Viktoria and Friends

One of my fave films and a super, completed, project

Colonist vehicle finished

Looks very nice

NOVEDADES - Septiembre / NEW RELEASES - September

Good to see a good word about the oldsters

Airfix a series of thoughts, and a new discovery (to me)...

L plays another blinder

Lantz's Corner: MaxMini Review

Would be Nice to be a Recruit



Stay-cation and more Ogre Kingdoms WIPs!

Go On !!!

Vote Now! Spikey Bits Staff Painting Competition

MV rest their hands and give us a list of sculpting articles

Joy of Painting again :)

>Scale and Proportion Chart
To find the right proportions check this!
>Sculpting a 32 mm Miniature
Mati explains each step on how you can start your sculpting.
>Sculpt sketching a bust
Mati shows how you can fast train propotions and sketch a bust daily.
>Toughts on sculpting Sgt. Cheeky
Raffa opens his mind to show the inside of his Sculpt work on this bust.
>Using the tube tool
Masquerade Miniatures Tube Tool in Action

Pimp His Sculpt

Sculpting Workshop with Badsmile Review

Look no further (you can if you wish)

How to Make Pre Heresy Space Wolves

One of the roofs

Torre del Fenix(PAP IV) , por Escenorama

Spesh Mareens !!! (Part 7)

The Beloved one continues to receive ...

"It is recorded, that Fornicatius the Beloved wields a bolt pistol, merely to gain your attention. He sees it as a trifling inconvenience and yearns for nothing more, than to meet his adversaries in close combat; then the abominable intimacy begins, Chaplain-Confessor Herecles Ansimon of the Dream Reapers, in, The Laurentixian Annalium (1675(13))."

Give it a go

DIY Pigment Powders

Any size will do it

How to Paint 15mm Camouflage Tanks
How to Paint 15mm Sherman Tanks

The General Goes Retro

My Old Miniatures, Vid 127

Not mushroom, but I will try

Gaspez-Arts - September Releases

Trench Fingers

Review- Ziterdes Landscaping Materials

Scratch and ...

Photo-etch Panel Scribing Templates

Needed a tidy-up, IOHO ;)

Tutorial: Pimp My Bolter: Combi-Plasma; Combat Patrol Start?

Tutorial Redeux: Combi-Plasma; Alpha Legion Update


Ork Kil Krusha Tank


On the Eve of Deduction

McDonald Makes Your Day

Ronald McJoker

YeeeHaaaa !!!

Black Scorpion
Legends of the Old West

From Above

How to do basic zenithal highlighting

Hot Stuff

(Poll) Conversion: Caminus-Priest Kitbash

I had a lovely email from L, at Twin-Linked Awesome (and a few others!), about reviewing his new Mechanicus project. Of course, I had seen it ... and the only reason I had not yet posted, was that there was still a decision to be made (and you can help make it! :) ).

Never be afraid to email me to ask for input (or to give it). I will be honest about whether it 'fits' in here, or not.

Now, go help L make a decision !!! :)


So I built a paint rack...