Monday, 17 January 2011

Heh ... No PC, no blogs, no gaming, no models - Right?

ComputerBuild 01: An Overview
ComputerBuild 02: The Case
ComputerBuild 03: The Mobo
ComputerBuild 04: The CPU
ComputerBuild 05: RAM (Memory)
ComputerBuild 06: Install the Mobo 1/2
ComputerBuild 06: Install the Mobo 2/2
ComputerBuild 07: Install the Juice!
ComputerBuild 08: Install Drives
ComputerBuild 09: Install GPU & IOShield
ComputerBuild 10: Crossed Wires
ComputerBuild 11: Install Last Wires
ComputerBuild 12: The BIOS 1stLook
ComputerBuild 13: Downtime 1/2
ComputerBuild 13: Downtime 2/2
ComputerBuild 14: Setup the BIOS RAID
ComputerBuild 15: Setup RAID in the OS
ComputerBuild 16: Misc, PSA, Etc
ComputerBuild 17: Troubleshooting 1

... from ModelManTom

Airbrush Research (Part 1)

This year, I am going to dip my toes and fingers into airbrushing (at last) thanks to BA.

As usual, there is much out there, and although they are an advert for Badger (and not all in-full), I think these videos are a great start ...

BADGER - Introduction to Airbrushes part1
BADGER - Introduction to Airbrushes part2
BADGER - Introduction to Airbrushes part3
Aging & Weathering Models
Aging & Weathering Models part2
Aging & Weathering Models part3

I thought this could have been a winner (with development), just shows

Bastion Studios Go Tits Up

Tabletop Battlefield Review of Ex-Illis


Project Status - Imperial Fists Full 3rd Battle Company part 2

Bark at the moon

From the Work Bench 2

Chalk, definitely not Cheese

Modelando con Tiza, por Mirmidas (y III)

Babel ... Modeling with Chalk, by Mirmidas (and III)

Food AND gaming - now we are talking

Nutrition and Diet: Tournament Day

Ah, that is what I like to see ... cardboard goodness


Oh no, more saving to do

Quick talk about my airbrush for kanvass1

Yup, certainly a very nice project

Always love a Combi

Modeling tutorial: Rhino combi-melta and infantry flamer

How to wet blend, regardless of brush size or paint consistency etc

A painting star is born 

I particularly admire the seamless transitions, from purple, through blue, to orange, and the, almost life-like, basing. It is unlikely that any image could do this piece full justice.

You may wish to bid on this bespoke, collector's item, if you are able to afford, what will certainly be, the final price ...

Pro painted goblin (golden demon standard)
The trend has begun
The Aftermath
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