Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Coven Throne vs. Mortis Engine, and a bite of Vampire hobby

Hobbycribs B&A

The best-laid plans.....


40k Terrain Texture Question

Old To New

Old Style Rhinos repurposed

Go, Go ... Power ...

The Power Armour Open Challenge - Open to all comers!
The Power Armour Challenge Facebook Event Page

They Have Eyes

Hills, what are they?

Feel The Need

Magnets: Making Modular Landspeeders

Go With The Flow

Lack of Direction Kills...Well it Kills Blogs at least.....


Desktop Update: Orcs & Drunes

Buss Times

Bussard Ramjet

What A Rogue

All PCs are Created Equal...


Remodeling My Gaming / Project Table
Gaming Table Re-Model, Part Two

Brush On The Blues

How to: Airbrushing

Horny Shoulders

Kabuki Models Previews Monghol Knight
Monghol Knight

GW... You're kidding right?

Flashing Termies (bumped for more bad boys)

Flashback Friday: Before Pre-Heresy Terminators

A special announcement from CBT's CPT 1/10/12

Zee Brains

Toy Soldiers: 28mm Weird War Two German Zombies

Spendid Pleasure From A Head

New set of heads for pleasure armies conversions

Light Up Your Life

The correct lighting - a small manual
Die richtige Beleuchtung - ein kleiner Leitfaden

Some Old Bloke, Who Writes Books, Banging On

An Interview with Dan Abnett

Destination Anywhere

Destination Univers


Showcase: Renegade Sergeant!

Little Boxes

A new project?

Good For What?

Warmachine Review

Flat Hogging

Of Pencils and Brushes...

Bottoms Up

Ball Joint Doll - 3D Print

Looking Good

Terminators WIP


The Astronomican - a Warhammer 40k blog


Proving study photos
Probando fotos de estudio
Box of Light to photograph miniatures
Caja de Luz para fotografiar miniaturas

Looking Great

Khorne Army Progress - Chaos Space Marines


Cool Stuff: Random Mini Showcase Day! Malfunction’s Legion of Everblight
Mal's Legion Minis


Romeo Models: Jean Bart – Review


That's a lot of STUFF!


Puppet Master

The Colonel In Trouble? ... Phew, No !!!

Blogging etiquette!!! Or Warhammer 40k Blog Hub are thieves!!!

"If they wish to see how it should be done Can I please direct
them to Colonel Shofer's Mild OCD Model Blog who has appeared on
a regular basis in my weekly 'traffic sources' list and has been a great help in
promoting my blog. I'd like to take the time to say thank you
to Colonel Schofer for his work

My Pleasure and thank you !!!

CMON Lovelies

Lizardmen Skink Priest with Feathered Cloak on Jungle Base
Eldar Shadow Spectres Aspect Warrior Squad + Exarch + Shadow Lord
Blood Angels Astorath the Grim
The Almighty Crane


Rothgar the Furious

No Barging Please

How to magnetise a Necron Annihilation/Command Barge

Woe Is He

The Tree of Woe from Gale Force Nine


Imperial Guard Valkyrie

Hardly Basic

2011 - A Year Of Basic Modelling