Friday, 19 August 2011


Model Making: 54mm Mini Diorama

Rocky Catboa

Tera forming in progress

Walk-in Gaming

How To Make A Wargaming Table (Part One)


It’s Daemon time – unleash the Chaos

Red Light Is Go

1750pts on the display board. Picture!


My man-cave

Please tell Lol what you think ... yeah, more light Lol ;)

harlequin squad

Ugly but Lovely

Urien Rakarth painting log - part three

Armies on Parade Borrowed

Armies on Parade- Daily Gallery

Armies on Parade- Daily Gallery

Dead Useful

Here be Dragons (dead ones)!

Tis another biggy

Isle of Fob Campaign

Flower Essence

Dark Harlequins with a splash of flouresence

Wet Tanks

D-Day Sherman - Diorama of the day

M4 Sherman Po River - Diorama of the Day

The Bigguns

Forge World Newsletter #281 - Contemptor Weapons and Guard Praetor, models and rules!


Panzer IV ausf. D

Powder Up

Secret Weapon Weathering Powder Review


Terrain: SF Gaming Boards


Review: Dust Tactics basic box
Review: Dust Tactics Grundbox

Gencon Round up Part 2; Dust Warfare

Filling you in

Mr Dissolved Putty vs Mr Surfacer 500
Mr Dissolved Putty vs Mr Surfacer 500 pt II