Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Now that's a Sentinel

Krotte, por Javier Molina (Dragonsland)

Rubbish Comp

Rubble painting challenge

Historical Comp

The Napoleonic Winter-Thaw Painting Challenge!

GW Designer Apparently Goes Insane

Planetary Empires: Armageddon; Apocalypse Tanks

... and a couple of his chums are on-the-way ...

Wet it, pull it, press it

Advanced decal tutorial

What did you say, trooper?


Glorious wolves

Space Wolf Army Building Blog

Space Wolf Army Building Blog Update 2

Space Wolves Army Buildig Blog Update 3

Some nice DE builds

The Court of the Archon

My main paint rack ...

... to give Les some inspiration ...

(my core paints/washes are in my portable cases)

If I wanted, what Les wanted, I would double (triple?) the number of shelves and use 2 (or 1, depending on the depth of the case) pins/posts/nails between each paint pot (:I:I:I: etc), so that they are spaced, facing him, caps towards him.

e.g. obtain core case from MALCSCABINETS (or the New Yankee Workshop ;) ) ...

Jeez, how sad ..

You Are The Winnnnnerrr !!!

Golden Dwarf contest winners
Golden Dwarf Painting Contest 2011

Nice paint-job

Grand Master Azrael and Helm bearer of the Dark Angels

Some basic power effects

How to paint power swords - Warhammer 40k Tutorial


How to paint lightening claws

White Dwarf Issue 293 US (Nov 2004)

Anyone have it please (or any national version)? Please comment or email.

Ah ...'tis complete

Vampire Counts Black Coach

Nice Tan

Judgement is upon you

A pleasure to play on

Plaster Hulk- Warehouse Update

Cute, tiny, death

Steampunk Old West

I didn't have carrots

Death Guard Possessed Vindicator! Vomica Painted and Ready to Go!

Guns, Lots of Guns

The Art Of Deathwatch. Watch Fortress
Matthew Bradbury Art Gallery

Bloody Nice Work

Blood Angels Models. Some Very Nice Work

That's gotta sting

Army Painter: Neues Basing Kit