Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tomb Kings, How Do They Work? - Sehenesmet (Part 11) ... Necrolith Buddy x 3, for now

Bits and Bones ...

Main clean-up done, still at it ... now, tidying, converting and waiting for RTV kit, next week.

War Lords

Warlord Games- New Pike&Shotte Previews

Warlord Games - Praetorian Cavalry Release

Warlord Games - Napoleonic Russian Line Infantry Release

Basic and Game Stuff


Looking Good ... hope her psyker skills help her arm ache :)

Last Night's Project. Female Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor

Hobbycribs Kudos

Friday Workbench Babble 07-10-2011


Architects Of War - Jebodiah's Shack


Mantic Games - Painted Warpath Heroes


Tercio Creatico - Painting Contest
CUMPLEAÑOS 7 de Noviembre / BIRTHDAY Nobember the 7

Oh Yes !!!

Exclusive ! Blight Wheel Miniatures - Bionic Arms Sprues


Midnight WiPs

Hobby/Life Ponderings

Finding time...


Starting the Ice Board

It’s Snowed Again

Very Nice

Heldenhammer painted (Dreadfleet)


Pain Train Rollin' into da Station

Some Options

Buying Bitz - the options

Dead Good

Painting the Corpse Cart...
Corpse Cart 3: The base...

Line 'Em Up

Gundam/ mech model workshop 56: Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color review


How to Build A Forgeworld Black Templar Thunderhawk Gunship Part 6
Building a Forgeworld Black Templar Thunderhawk Vol 5.wmv
Building a Forgeworld Black Templar Thunderhawk Vol 4.wmv

Brush With Life

badger Krome review..ish, ranting? and ...linkys
Airbrush Rant
Badger Renegade Krome Dual action .21 & .33 tips/nozzles/needles incl. -RK1

Getting Medieval

Medieval Village Diorama Part 1

No Contempt

Contemptor Dreadnaught Diary - 1 Intro and Prep Work (Read Description before watching)
Contemptor Dreadnaught Diary - 2 Magnetizing (Read Description before watching)
Contemptor Dreadnaught Diary - 3 Prime and Base Coat (Read Description before watching)
Contemptor Dreadnaught Diary - 4 Paint Wear and Tear (Read Description before watching)

FineCast Review (bumped for additions)

Review: Citadel Finecast (Part I: The Product And Assembly)

Finecast = Crap

Games Workshops Finecast Review

Citadel Finecast

Citadel Finecast Space Marine Techmarine & Servitors - Completed
WIP - Citadel Finecast Space Marine Techmarine & Servitors.
Hobby News - Games Workshop Citadel Finecast Warhammer 40k - First Impressions

Other reviews ...

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Finecast – Another internet look
My first finecast experience (from when it was released)
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Assembled Finecast Changeling
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fuzzzbukets finecast experince (ooooooh)
NEW:  Unboxing Nurgle Demon Prince Citadel Finecast

Interesting Tool

Interesting tool from Reaper on choosing color palette from pictures
Power Palette 


HellDiver Ares by stylianides is now being sculpted!


A little light on the Dark Age

Nice To Be Tabled On

Project: Gothic City Board

Does Not Take An Age

Recipe: Bronze (ish)


Darius Miniatures
Darius Miniatures

Darius Minatures part two

Darius Minatures - part three

Darius Miniatures - Complete


Meet the DUZI crew

Back from DUZI with some gold!


Kabuki Models - Steamborg Preview
Patrick Masson