Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Colonel's Thunderwolves (Part 7) - Getting Leggy

The whole pack (thus far), in their early glory ...

I have now finished researching wolf anatomy, so as to be able to resculpt the legs (in particular), and create a number of more dynamic poses (and add a few bionics). Amongst many sources, I found these three illustrations, particularly useful, in explaining the anatomy of the wolf, for my purposes ...

Twisting/stretching/compressing of the body is quite trivial, as I have measured the distance from the head to the 'rump' and, so long as I keep that distance somewhat consistent with the change, the poses will look 'natural' ...

All these dimensions will be increased, a little, when I create Fangir for Canis.

I also started the extended, 60mm, test base, so as to audition the poses.

I am now thinking about how I am going to resculpt the heads, so as to make them more 'vicious'; i.e. looking at lots of pictures of vicious heads !!!

Onwards :)


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