Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One of my faves, by the masters/mistresses

Award, 2º season ITS
Corvus Belli
Infinity: Highlander Caterans (T2 Sniper Rifle)

The New Guy

Chris Straw Joins WCM - Showcase

Laurentimort's Mate

Primarchs - Mortarion

Free is Good

TanksGiving Conversion Contest!

Hobbycribs WIP

Honey, I'm home!


Dream Pod 9 - NuCoal Hussar Preview

Thus far and no more

Heresy Miniatures - Wight Lord and Exorcist


Studio Miniatures - Halloween Horrors

You !!!

Maelstrom Games - Two New Bane Legion Previews

Lovely Pressy

Kyle's Sword, and LGS


Varthar - luzes

Take a chill pill, Bro



Long Time no see

Sea Fleet Game

Battle Foam releases Sea Fleet Game Foam Trays


Painting Rust Effects - Revisted

Stockportification 2011

Stockport Stockade 2011 – The Rise of ANTISPAYSE MAHREEN

Blood to the head

Tutorial: Magnetic Movement Trays and Basing

Movement Trays and Magnets

Impetus Magneticus II

Magnetificent Bases of Mantic Proportions

Some Missed JC (Same Guy?) Articles

Cliquez-ici pour télécharger le pdf de cet article - GD France 2011

Kit Blast ... FTS !!!

Epic: Squat Warriors Box

Trot over to here for more flashbacks :)



Very Nice

Golden Demon UK 2011 - 40K Vehicle Bronze

Trucks Away

Rebel Miniatures MATV Comanche

For The Fragging Emperor

Fantasy Art: The Great Constructor

CMON Shop Update: I'm on a boat!

CMON Shop Update: I'm on a boat!

White Way

Gundam/ mech model workshop 55: Painting surfaces white tutorial

How ever you do, just do it !!!

Hobby Tips - Episode 2 - Drilling Out Gun Barrels

He - Are - Amazing

Blood Angels Storm Raven & two custom flying bases ~ Commission update ~

Another Jballs Bag

New Battlefoam Case for Jawaballs: Pack Go Revealed!


How to Paint Daemonettes | Demons of Choas | Warhammer 40k and Fantasy

Contemptuous Librarian Dreadnaught

Warchild40k - Golden Wrench Entry

Can you see me?

Vallejo Extra Opaque - Obsidian Painting Review