Saturday, 28 May 2011

Shameless, Cap-in-Hand, Gift-Aid, Offer from the Colonel

OK, following recent events, I am making you an offer you can easily refuse ...

(1) You help gift-aid this wonderful, modelling, journey,
(2) All gifts received will be spent on furthering this modelling journey and, as a gift-aider, you can suggest and discuss projects which may be financed,
(3) As a gift-aider, you will get 'full access to the account details',
(4) You need not be a gift-aider, at all, but Chaos Will Be Unleashed Upon You and Yours Forevermore.

Happy Gift-Aiding (or Pain for Eternity, whatever).

Details/discussions pending, please do not send anything at this time.

The Colonel.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Never rains until it chucks it down!!!

Sorry fair readers,

You know when you have one of those months?

Technical issues abound, but they will be overcome ... and then I will catch up.

Cross all your bits for me :)

The Colonel.

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Colonel is going scratch-terrain fishing and requests your help

Readers, sometimes, do not realise that this is partly a metablog, where I track other blogs, which I think are relevant, interesting and/or useful. I do visit other locations, but not as frequently.

In this new series of fishing expeditions, I am going to visit as many WWW locations, as I can, identifying (in particular) scratch-built terrain and scenery projects, which fit into the spirit of this blog.

I will start with the Tommygun does what with paper? project at Warseer ...

... and the recently-posted Bugbaits random 40k terrain thread at Terragenesis and Apocalypse 40k Terrain at Warseer ...

If you have any recommendations, drop me a comment and I will trot over to your suggestion(s).

Many thanks ...

The Colonel

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Chips on his shoulders

Creating chipped paint effects.wmv
Creating chipped paint effects Part Two.wmv
Creating chipped paint effects Part Three.wmv


9K Painting - Stormraven with magnets and unpacking

Ooooh yes

Painting and detailing a 1/16th Scale Tiger 1: The Introduction

Worthy Blast 2

Lelith Hesperax

Worthy Blast


Interesting (I expect), but kind of sad, story ...

Repair a deceased friend's Diorama



Oh dear

Casualties of War

Looking very nice

Qwik 54mm: Patience and progress

Mr S does not allow direct linking, so, you had better visit ...

Bugbaits random 40k terrain thread

Insert super picture of Fortress here

Apocalypse 40k Terrain


AUSCON 2011 - Queensland May Long Weekend

AUSCON - Waterloo Demo Game


Out of the dark woods at last!

Titanic effort

Warhound of the Sweet Variety 

There can only be 12

Victrix Highlanders - Again - Finished

More lovelies

Figuras/Figures - Academia Militar 2011


French Napoleonic HQ Staff-Zvezda 

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tanks Again

Building a Macharius Heavy Tank Part four.wmv
Building a Macharius Heavy Tank Part Three.wmv
Building a Macharius Heavy Tank Part Two.wmv
Building a Macharius Heavy Tank Part One.wmv

Mike is doing everything right

Clan Rat and other minis

Nice Chopper

Demonslayers Iron Chancellor "Percivall Infero"
28mm Iron Chancellor Percivall Inferno

Transferable Skills

Modeling: Making Custom Decals 


Carronade 2011 Pics Upload No. 1 

Carronade 2011 Pics Upload No. 2


Tau XL-18 Interdiction Armor (Spikey Bits DreadKnight Conversion Contest Entry)

Faster, Faster ... we are not dying quickly enough

Chimera Conversion- Rapid Response Wheeled Kits

Elves and Pirate Troubadours Spotted!!!

RPC: Bilder vom Tabletop Testgelände 1

RPC: Bilder vom Tabletop Testgelände 2

We Are All Toy Soldiers

Historical Wargames


Retrieve the Relic by all costs... WIP


Chaos lord of Tzeentch on flying disc


Black Crusade

Laurentimort - Daemon Prince of Laurentix (Part 5)

A little more bulking-up and first fit of wing armature to new shape ...

Wish I could go :(

Masterclass Vehicle Weathering Workshop 4-June ... Sacramento, California.

Quite Smashing

Inquisitor Magnus

Footy The Stuff - Again

Godzilla: Casting part 2
Godzilla: Casting part 1