Monday, 3 September 2012


Dark and Angry!

Zvezda's - Kit 6105 - German Infantry 1939 - 1942
AB Figures BLA12 Platoon Officers
Artillery Battery HQ Tent

Fast Play Grande Armee

Army of the Dead

Kneeling Guardsmen Legs released
Orc Pilots torsos released!
Orc Tank Driver released!

Mariners Blight Deep Diver Dreadnought Painted
Mariners Blight Defiler Azathoth Finished - 100th Post!
Mariners Blight Vindicator
Mariner Blight Predator
Mariners Blight Rhinos

New 15mm Sci Fi from Black Cat Bases

Soup for anaemics

Tectonic Craft Studios at the NOVA

CMON Lovelies

Daemon Prince of Khorne
The Death Knight
Creature From The Crypt Deathjack
Dirtz army Part I
Elf Huntress


How to paint Space Wolves Space Marines

Zombie Sides And Front

ZOMBIECIDE!!! Boardgame Unboxing
ZOMBIECIDE!!! : The Abomination Level Kickstarter Extras Unboxed

Harbor Air

How To #7 - Harbor Freight airbrush and compressor kit review part 4 - 2 years later

Load Of Relics

Relics - Orcnar Spatga Preview
Relics - Vaettir Vicario Preview
Relics - Nuem Tormenta Preview
Relics - Britanan Highlanders Preview
Relics - Orcnar Niwian 2

Mere Angels

Dark Angels Veteran - Painting For Us Mere Mortals - Warhammer 40K Painting Tutorial

Pimp Away

Pimp your Terrain A Vid Response for Archaeolas' Competition


Roman Colosseum #2 Problem Solving


madgolem's 100 sub contest entry... aka how Rob made some big shootas

Grassy Arse

Hobby Product Review GW Tufts of Grass

Give Them The Rope

How to Make Miniature Rope, Cable & Chain


Dark Vengeance: PAINTED: GLOWING MAGMA Chosen Cultist Dark Angels


We put the Battle Foam P.A.C.K 432 under our HD rig! (Battle Foam Unboxing)


TheTerrainStudio - Studio Update - Sep.02 - Studio Walk-thru