Saturday, 5 March 2011

Never bored on these boards

Terranscapestemplate - Modified Modular Boards - Warhammer, Warmachine, LOTR, Ancients


Making a figure pt1

More Wonderful HT Bits

Banners of Purity

Exorcists shields

I LIKE them

Artificial Helmets
Conversion Bits and Mini from Puppetwarshop: Wulfen, Spores, Nurgle & more!


Completed Arachnarok Spider pics

You have six years to comply

You have six years left to enjoy miniature wargaming
Six years til doomsday... maybe...


It's finally here the First 'Badab Veterans' Competition

Pertinent Post

GW pertinent Competition
GWpertinent Contest #2 - win yourself a (painted) old school mini!

Putty it just there

Modelling Putty and how to use it

Be a Convert

Converting For The Beginner

Urbane Bases

How to Guide: 40k Urban(ish) Bases

10,000 Reads, Special Thread, From The Colonel - The Prelude (Part 3)

The first stage, rust  ...
Details to follow.

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 2/25 – 3/3

Crackle Pops

Tutorial - Working with Crackle Medium

Ooohh, what a collection

Organizing Ospreys

Face Painting

Painting face

The Plasticater

Game over Gamesworkshop: Rise of the MakerBots