Wednesday, 7 March 2012


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Fenrisian Wolves Review


Optex Photo Studio Lighting Kit Review


Step-By-Step Khorne Berzerker (Black Legion)


Games Workshop Email Regarding Finecast

Faeit's Fotographic Flurry

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Cast Resin

Papercube stairs and figure
RTV Silicone two-part mold of 1/48 figure

Walls Have Them

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Potty, But True

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No Lip

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Hell Yeah !!

Blogging: It’s Hard Work – Don’t Force It

Popooree Refill

WWG Police Station part 2


A pair of Guardians

Objectives done finally

Nice Weekend!

Saim-Hann Army Finished!

Tyranid size chart...uh oh....

Now that's a piece..
Incredibly detailed model of Hogwarts Castle 

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Some updates


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Special Operations Killzone: Explained -MISSIONS

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Niedokończone opowieści


Chaos Space Marine Lord with Jump Pack: Complete! (really)

Weekend Gaming: Eclipse

Wizyta w Wargamerze