Monday, 26 November 2012

What You Been Up To, Colonel? - 'Newmandy', Phase 1

Loads !!!

But, for now, 'Newmandy' begins (plus, a few more 'edging', markers) ...

Clicky-for-biggy ...

All casts are as good as required and expected, except the rear-track plating, on the Panzer IV G, which will need some work to flatten, fill and flatten ...

A little teaser ;) ...


The catch-up begins !!!

Popooree, now incorporating 'CMON Lovelies' (next post) ...

Anteprima Nocturna Malefic Time

Evil Dead: Army of Darkness
En proceso...

Show us yer piles! of (80's citadel boxed sets)
Arcane Armorials, 80's shield designs

Worlds of Warhammer - You Tube community project mini # 2 by Voices of Mars

Salamanders Pre Heresy Part 43


Angel Knight Motorcycle

Chaos Army
Chaos Lord – Working With Finecast

Ikit Claw

First of a heap of upcoming items from miniature scenery
Holy… erm… Crap!
Miniature Scenery

mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

martedì 16 ottobre 2012

Paint With Heart
Paint With Heart 2

Este viernes hemos jugado: Wings of War WWI
Fabrica en ruinas 3: spray de los chinos

Necron goodness at Gamesday 2012


Buildable Warhammer 40K Aegis Defense Line Prototype

_D.A.K. El Alamein July 1942 - 1/35_

Ten Thunders Commision

Uh-Oh. Another Kickstarter Campaign I want!
More on the project… (and we’ve reached 100k!)
I am now a backer…
Kickstarter… 45 hours to go, and a new model!

Quickie Terrain – Radar Dish WIP

Stormwall pictures

Servant Dice Bearer
Vampire Hunter


Converting A Dark Apostle

Top Tables

3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 4
3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 3
3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 2
3d sci fi Apartment Building part 1
quick pic sci fi walls
sci fi crates
3d futuristic scenery for 3d city board
3D city terrain board part 5
Worldworks and 3D City Terrain Board part 4
3D City Terrain Boards Part 3
3d City Terrain Boards part 2
3d city terrain boards part 1

Over The Weather

Ak interactive weathering products


DEMONJESTERJ'S 5 Questions To A Model Maker With Guest Brush4hire


How to build a pre-heresy space wolf

It's A Trap

Craft blade traps for D&D (The DM's Craft, EP 35)


Painting Ral Partha Three Stooges Ettin


Roglands Quick Tip!

Tanks For Tanks

Another Airbrush Project