Saturday, 21 July 2012

Imperious (bumped for addage)

TerranScapes - Imperial Sector WIP3 - 40k
TerranScapes - Imperial Sector WIP 2 - 40k City Fight Buildings
TerranScapes - Imperial Sector WIP - Games Workshop Warhammer 40K

Colonel's Cardstocking Compendium !!! (Part 14)

(L): Kitbashing Caelum Calauticum for Warhammer 40k

(d) WIP

(c) WIP

Colours now fixed. Any difference, is due to the window being on the right ...

I need to get an iron, on a few raised areas (although, it is nowhere near so obvious, at other angles).

Mock Aquilas, for effect ...

(b) WIP Teaser

This is a display/photography 'supertile'.

It is obvious, that I used the original print cartridge, on the 'RHS' of the board (red tint), in comparison to the refill, on the 'LHS' (blue tint). Ironically, I prefer the LHS, for this project (so, I could stick newer printouts, on the 'RHS').

Once street furniture is added, and edging and weathering have been carried out, the eye/brain will be deceived :)



(a) Initital Teaser ...

More to follow


Green Stuff Cast Shoulder Pad

Little Japanese Folk

How to paint...?


Picture Filler: Three Finished Neverborn Crews!

Mike & Steve's Samartans v. Jim & Tony's Ancient Britons

 Return To Crysler's Farm - Set Up

#Monsterpocalypse – Quantum Zorog Tournament Report: X Planet 08/07/2012
#Monsterpocalypse – Custom Job: Gorghadra

Alternate Mordian Guard!

Hiberno-Nórdicos para "Saga" II

What's New Today?

Takeda cavalry banner

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: Last but not least!
CMON Shop Update: Fantasy just got a lot darker!
CMON Shop Update: Gift of Death!
Nurgle Dread bigger Pics
Nurgle Dreadnough Forge World
Dwarf tombraider 90mm


Adeptus mechanicus contest diorama Vblog3


Skyshield Landing pad painting tutorial 

In The Eyes

entry for 3000whitedragons contest. quick and easy stairs

Hyperhobbycribs - Slow Down Bro

Hobby Tower


zenithal OSL with on unassembled mini

Hobbing Ponderings

Update on My channel! 7/21/2012
Time to show a fellow hobbiest/gamer some support #5! KenStorm989 
Time to show a fellow hobbiest/gamer some support #4! SchnauzerFaceMinis 
Episode 8 CONTEST, Beer League, WaaaAUGhhhUST update
Lets Talk About Stuff: Injuries

Forged In Resin

Forge Wolrd Lucius Pattern Warhound titan build


Warhammer Ginge #4 Assembling A Ghoul

Been Good And Naughty Again

Detailed images on the Urban Barricades & Walls, soon.

I also bought a cheap laminator, so as to get my markers (and cribsheets) ready for gaming (!) (you can see some, as the backdrop) - thanks to GravenGames ...

Free Wargaming Counters Suitable for Warhammer 40k 6th Edition
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