Saturday, 31 March 2012


40k scale Icicle tutorial

Fantasy Gussrahmens

Warhammer Fantasy: Gussrahmen des Imperiums

Bricking It

Warhammer 40K Train Bridge/Viaduct Brickwork


New work space

Popooree (Refill)

Easter Gremlins from Wyrd

Custom DE Beastmasters Done

Epic Terminator Company

Carlist Artillery (1)

 Mech #7 and Pilot

Tank Destroyer

Kolony Rebel body part sprues - first pics

Soviet general 1/35

More Black Orcs

Imperial Enforcer with Cyber-Mastiff

Lizardman Saurus Part 2

 Magnetized ISU 152/122 Regiment Completed!

Bad Day in Ditchwater part 1


Ti Monhid Intruder (Starwhale), first look

Anvil Industry - New Releases

Scibor Miniatures - SciFi Busts Preview

MaxMini - Nuclear Guns Preview

Puppets War releases Walker Laser Cannons

All Done!

Resin SGDNs from Monday Knight

Wicked Possessed Slaaneshi Exorcist

 First of the Conquest Games Knights

My Photos in “Waterloo”

March of the elephants part II

Josep and Svetlana

Aquan Armada

FFG Repaint Prepaints: Dark Young
FFG Repaint Prepaints: Wailing writher
Paranormal Investigators: Cops

New releases from GZG & final days of Christmas vouchers

 3 eras, 1 photo

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Showcase: Tyranid Winged Hive Tyrant Conversion

Showcase: Tyranid Forge World Hierophant II

Eldar Prince Yriel finished!

Showcase: Ultramarine Stormraven

Flesh Tearers - Death Company

Khorne Demon Prince

CELTOS Sidhe Stone Temple Diorama

Armorcast gallery #1

Hordes: Legion of Everblight, Gallery #2

Bretonnian standard bearer and hero

Beregond et le Troll


France II

Talibans et lapinoux.

The As5E3 Leynos 1/35

Bam and the Tank is gone

Orcs and Goblins Update: More Black Orcs painted 

Eden - new releases

 Trollbloods War Wagon by SchnauzerFace

Warlord Arrives!

DBA 15mm Pyrrhic II/27b

Introducing Fenris Games 3D Space corridors

Chieftan and Guide

Tallarn Vendetta finished

306 Tactical Rifle Platoons Revisited