Saturday, 15 January 2011

Cough ... This Time It's Love

Leona Lobo's colonial marine camoflage - tutorial

Leona Lobo

I *always* love looking at 'workstations'

The new desk

Definitely doing it wrong ;)

Not with both hands, for sure

How to hold a brush

Free speech and all that ...

I have opened comments for all readers, so, y'all be good now.

Since We Are On Metallics ...

Just a quickie on Vallejo's Liquid Gold series (alcohol-based), compared to GW's Burnished and Shining Gold ...

All are straight out of the pot (well, the cap, actually, for the VLG), no dilution or additives, taken with a daylight bulb and no flash, and no colour correction. 

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TPC's bases definitely do

How to Make Stone, Rock, & Tile Miniature Bases

Seems a lot of work, at first, but then ...

Polarity Checker from SB

Chaos Termies, quite high on my list

Combi-Plasma Chaos Terminator

Metals are a painter's best friend

Metalic paint comparison from OPN
Painting tips metallics from OPN

Oh magnets, we love you

I love drop pod doors now from OPN

Bags for the boys (and girls)

Feldherr. army bag review from OPN

Goodab Black?

New huge black wash from OPN

Getting Fleshy Again

Flesh washes and inks from T

Coat D'arms produce, what is said to be, the original 'flesh wash' recipe. However, there is the 'blue top' version and the later 'black top' version (now both discontinued from Citadel/GW ... also the 'white screw cap' version, but we will not speak of those), which appear, at first sight, to be very different beasts.

They appear identical, when applied (if the 'black top' is slightly more red, after mulitple passes, but that may be an ageing issue) ...

Flash used.

Other comparisons here, here, here and here.

Laurentimort - Daemon Prince of Laurentix (Part 2)

Now that my Chaos Daemon Prince kit has arrived, having selected the bits for the 'standard build', I can use the other bits for my Laurentimort project.

So, here he was before I had the kit ...

Because of the bit options, which remained, the original idea of his right hand holding a severed head and his left, the scythe, had to be swapped.

Here is the 'armature', now, with the modifications which were required ...

It was necessary to do some substantial digging-out of the kit's breast, so as to get the fit I wanted (two small bits of build damage are temporarily-filled, for now) and the upper torso needed twisting, because of the kit's slight 'twist' at the abdomen ...

Attaching the breast and some filling, next. I expect the legs will need some 'extension' work, but that can wait until the torso is 'done'.

Oh, and we will have no untoward Slaaneshesque comments, thank you (unless you are really funny) ;)