Friday, 21 September 2012

Terrible Parking

real life size ultramarine rhino


Tips and Tricks of working with small Warhammer bits

Bad Reaction - Take Care

wasted days

Words Fail Me

Wordsworth Model Railway 102 - A guided tour round Wordsworth

Super Sculpting (bumped for addage)

Full Dragon Sculpture Part 8, finished the heads
Full Dragon Sculpture, Part 9. Chest-plating and feet

Troll Butt

Painting Warmachine & Hordes: Trollbloods Mountain King Gargantuan
Mountain King | Gargantuan | Hordes | Privateer Press | RHQ-TV Ep 124 

Not Black

Miniature Review - 15mm Panther from Plastic Soldier Company
Miniature Review - 15mm M4A4 Sherman & Sherman Firefly from Plastic Soldier Company 


GameMastery Map pack reviews


Wargame: Bunker- and trenchboards


Building a Reaver Titan Part 1 *Cleaning up and washing*