Monday, 1 August 2011

The Colonel's Fine Finecast Foray (Part 1)

Chosen randomly, from the racks, although numbers were low in most cases (delivery tomorrow, apparently) ... click for enlargement, as per usual ...

Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Lord

Warhammer 40k Chaplain with Jump Pack

Warhammer 40k Castellan Crowe

Not going to dwell on flash etc., that has been covered. Overall, bearing in mind the random choices, I think the pictures speak for themselves and I can only give them somewhere between 9-10 out of 10 (so far) ... and that surprised me, in a good way.

Happy to answer any questions.


Unboxing Skullcraft Basing material - product review

Box Envy

TableWar Display Case

Product Rollout! TableWar Display Case

Just Love Them

Lead Adventure Miniatures - Bruegelburg, 2nd Release Wave

Not Revolution

The Evolution of a Beginner Air Brusher

Heads Up -- ooowwwooo

Skyrar’s Dark Wolves Icons


Warmachine - Thunderstruck #5: Storm Strider Model

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

My Top Podcasts

It's not even that windy

Storm in the Windy City – The Chicago Battle Bunker

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Pictures from Gamesday Chicago 2011(very image heavy)    

Live Blog Coverage from US Games Day 2011!

Games Day Chicago 2011

Games Day Chicago 2011 link collection

MI40K at Games Day 2011

Slow (blocked?) pics but worth it for the diorama.

Chicago Games Day 2011 Previews - Warhammer Forge Vermin Lord! HPA! Taurus! More to come....

Worthy Ogrefest

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Ogre Kingdoms Leaks at Last! Pics of the New Models
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Warhammer Fantasy: Bilder der neuen Oger

25th of November 2011

MV's Ultimate Plastic Knight Challenge 2011
Thanks to Fantasy In !!

I have been a good boy, so my local store makes a few bob

 My tardy Finecast review to follow.

Lovely Fun Set

Soda Pop Miniatures - Super Dungeon Explore Box Contents

Chicagofication - More Goodness

Back from Games Day 2011!

HoA: Games Day
Table Build

Even In Death

Building Rifleman Dreadnought
Sneak Peak GK Rifle Dread Paint Vid 90% Complete

Chicagofication - The Floodgates Open

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