Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wriggling With Gas (Part 2)

Second and third attempts, without 'flattening' (clicky for biggy) ...

The first attempt, was getting used to the small amount of pressure that is required (some old and 'dirty' Procreate, here).

DO NOT be tempted to use lubrication !!! - that leads to 'slidey time'.

Got the knack, now time to get it 'perfect' :)

Great product from MASQ-MINI ... maybe a little expensive, but try sculpting them from scratch :o

The tube-tool is just like it says in the video etc, and is recommended, if you need lots of short to medium length tubes/tentacles and all the other possibilities !!!

Wriggling With Gas (Part 1)

... now we can start cooking ;)

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Black Powder AAR- Civil War

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Wagonnet de Mine (Création Personnelle 1/35)

Wargames Con 2012
Wargames Con: DAY ONE!

'Le Terible'

Ebay clearout

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A Ral Partha Giant by Tom Meier

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Templar Ruins Bases 40mm

SWR015 T.H.I. Utility Carapace

 BDub's Dust Warfare Table

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Inquisitor Cassar WIP II

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Alien Queen / Swarmlord Detail

Another 5150: Star Navy playtest

Enterprise 1701-C by LEDCCFL

COMPLETED!! Shuttle Tydirium HASBRO Toy Conversion by Paul Nyul

Super Dungeon first game

War on a massive scale part II
War on a massive scale

Face Up

Characterizing our Minis: The Face

It Matters

A Round of Applause, please...

Now All The Other Tiles, If You Please :)

Tread softy and carry a big spraygun

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: Be Wyrd early this week!
Forgotten Warrior
Red Scorpions Space Marine
Cardinal Aerth on foot

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