Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Boba Fett Ground Assault Titan/LPDF Warhound Titan (Part 3)

Busy little servitors ...

A little background ...

This will be a 'convertible' Boba Fett Ground Assault Titan and a LPDF Warhound Titan.

Fortunately, both used urban camouflage, for the chosen colour scheme, of their respective variants.

The Codex Astartes (For The Emporer!) tells us that a Warhound Titan, in the 40k gaming universe, stands at 10-11 inches tall ...

Pew x 4

MaxMini AA Turret.mp4 

Interesting colours

Nemesis Dreadknight

Sharper and Tastier?

Dark Eldar Reaver Jet Bikes

Old Guard Post

Puesto de Guardia

A massive 28mm, modular sci-fort ...

Tango Prime: Citadel

Scale Models

Figure Sculpting: Scale, Size and Proportion?

Always the case - a big one too

KR Multicase 1200 Review
TTW - KR Multicase 1200 Review 

Always like to see an Epic army

Marines prepare to serve your emperor.... Or Just good old Epic!

Gamin' On Yer

Defining Gaming- the Language we use

B, bbbb, bbbbbb ... but ...

Dreamforge Leviathans (Titan-Sized models): Save Money by Pre-Ordering

DreamForge-Games is pleased to announce the release of the Leviathan Crusader!

Winners Win

And the Winner is...

Looking very interesting

Pre-Primered Guillotine

Well, we saw the hand ... here is all of it ...

Titan Reaver FINISHED !!!

Looks Spicey

Display and More...
A New GEM For The Hobby!

Boba Fett Ground Assault Titan/LPDF Warhound Titan (Part 2)

An ancient archive has been unearthed ...

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