Monday, 21 March 2011

Wet and wild

A quick look at wet blending

Don't leaf them alone

Ätztech: Dritte Ladung Previews
Ende März geht es los

Grey(t) Codex To Buy

Codex: Grey Knights Review | Warhammer 40k 

Dip it quite good

My experiment with dipping

How it is done

Prémio GEM / GEM Prize

Even More Blood to Shed

Sanguinary Guard Done! (with basing)


Scratch Build Project: Thunderfire Cannon

Nice for your make-up

The K-Lite

I like him/her

MERCs Missing Asset Pack available for a limited time
Missing Assets Deal - LIMITED TIME ONLY

MM do it again

Gothic Backpacks and Biohazard helmets by Morbäck

New jump packs WIP

No willy on this one !

Troll Forged Miniatures - New Releases

"There's nothing to worry about he ..."

Scenery: Tentacle monster lurking in ruins

Chunky little troopers

US Airborne Squad 1


Casualty basing

Blood Angels To Bleed For

CMON & eBay update 

Arty Party

Theories of painting - Light and shadow