Thursday, 3 November 2011

So Many Reasons

FB72011 - Inspectors
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Painting Ponderings

Painting Your Self Or Paying Someone to Paint For You


Elves and Horses


Industrial Bits - Size matters again!

Shake and Bake

Bodged Together: The Easybake Oven for Sculpting

Eye of the ...

Worst miniatures ever made


German 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n.A.

Cheat x 2 ... Why Bother?

Loaded Dice II - This Time It's The Golden Daemons
Next step: Mona Lisa – Scandal at Golden Demon Australia?


Looted Wagon / Mekboy Junka

Finecast Flood

War on the high seas; Dan Abnett talks Inquisition; and a whole host of new miniatures


Fantasy Art: Twilight Wedding
Portrait Art: Purgatory


FoW Kit Bag

Damp and Warn

Armies on Parade- Daily Gallery


The Battle for Terra, Siege of the Imperial Palace - 40k Scale


Introducing "The Guns Of April"

For Him

Haiku Thursday #4: Corpse Emperor


Gothic Church (Gothic ‘Astle)

Painting Ponderings

Getting better at painting...

Mouldy Tail

WiP Tyranid Swarmlord pt 2.5

Agoncilloification 2011

Agoncillo Model Contest 2011

Bent Essex

Comparatif marque 15mm


Barn Doors and Smoke Machines

Boy, Oh Boy

orks army

Big Mek

Grey Daemon

AGP Unboxed - Chaos Daemons Battleforce / Battalion


Hassle Free Miniatures (kids) painted B.M.M..wmv

Medieval children

Use The Chair, Luke

Millennium Falcon: The chairs are done!

Looks Like I Have a New Captain to Make

The Captain dilemma


Pre Heresy army build ~ Luna Wolves ~ Part 28 ~ Assault Justarin W.I P Part 1