Sunday, 25 March 2012

Leave it !!!

Secret Weapon Scenics Fallen Leaves and Leaf Litter In Action

Not Enough Power

Secret Weapon Miniatures: Gothic Power Generator


Pinning the wings on a FW Bloodthirster

Crystal Blue

Gale Force Nine Crystal Terrain

Popooree Refill

Privateer Press posts first colossal 360

Khurasan Miniatures, Garn Tyrant Assault Unit

DeepWars - WIP sculpt of Heavy Support Soldier for Fortune Hunters

Dwellers Below

New Kolony Rebels on the way

Campaign for Kingdom 2.0

305 Classic Stormtroopers

Alégrame el día, por Rafa Coll

3/23/12 Noise Marines, Tyranids

Battle for Pohlman Hill

Color Warz : Paint Brawl ( Vieil Oak studio paintings )


[Project Log] "Goliath" Pattern Leviathan - Pt 1

A Brdged

Baueda Wargames: 15mm Pontoon Bridge


How to paint space marine? Tutorial #2

Popooree (bumped for addage)


Lunch-O-Matic Restaurant Paper Model - by Papermau

Sisters of Battle: Repentia

Infinity Miniatures gallery #2

Imperial Fists Tactical squad #1: Gallery #1

Empire Mounted Wizard

Imperial Fists Chaplain conversion

Eldar Striking "Dark" Scorpions

Les grandes petites guerres

Very Hard

Extrem Modelling by Iguazzu

Janissa Stonetide in custom epic base done!

A week well spent?

Charge of the Quar Brigade! LPL6 Round 3

Knights: Test Chevalier

Makieta z SDK - sobotnia mobilizacja modelarska

Salamander Contemptor Dreadnought - Complete!

Kosze szańcowe lekkiej artylerii - gotowe

'Ere we go !! Epic Armageddon.

Hydracast Miniatures finished!

DIY Spaceship

Pulp Death Ray

Hetairoi arena

Grey Knights Dread Knight

Alassë Thar

Mannfred Commission.

Another Blood Angels Assault squad


New DIY Light tent/box

All Chaosed Out

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