Friday, 30 March 2012

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Raging Heroes - Eleriel & Alaniel

British Stretcher Bearers and Casualties of War

Irillyth Spectre Phoenix Complete

Mały dodatek/ Small addition

Adepticon 2012 Army Blog Pt. 1 - Munchy Gutsmen and the Holy Gristle

 Black Scorpion Miniatures Wild West Stuff

 New Raven Guard Decals!!! By Games Workshop!

Ramaclese Star Fortress

Imperial Guard Ogryns: Gallery #2
Imperial Guard Ogryns, Gallery #1

Hordes Legion of Everblight :Gallery #1

Battlefleet Gothic: Tau Custodian

Ancient Temple - by Papermau - Next Project

Oeufs et tripodes

 Pro Gloria II

A return to Games Workshop Nottingham

Zombieworld 2.0

The Genius That Is Gael Goumon…
Gael Goumon

Entrevista a Javier Molina [Pintores Maestros]

Dark Eldar “Gaming essentials” – ØRNULVS MARCH 2012 PROJECT # 3

Ork Battlewagon Deff Rolla Conversion

Favourite Unit of Mine - No.11

M1 Abrams Panther II

Tournament army finally painted

 On the subject of Knights.

 Kingdom Death posts new preview of female adventurer

Khurasan Miniatures releases Armored Light Utility Vehicle

Antenocitis Workshop previews Warthog Adv WIPs

Blackwater Gulch posts their new Gambler Gang Leader

I Expect A Barney

FoW Review: Plastic Rubble Bases


Gaming on a Budget: Spare Parts Month- Ogre BSB part 2


FW Minotaurs characters and sculpted heraldry

Author, Author

So you want to write about Warhammer 40,000?
So you want to write Warhammer 40,000: Part II – See?

Belly Full

Brush Cleaning 101

For It !!!

Marching for Macragge

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: Yedharo restocked!
Space wolves Venerable Dreadnought
Tabletop World Village


Daler Rowney Inks - Review (Because Other Paints Do Still Exist!)


WIP Necron Scarabs


Shadowsword Magnetisation WIP - Part 5 - Lascannon Turrets


In With the Old, and In With the New

Grey Days

Painting Space Wolves Space Marines Part 3

From The Ore

Concept Art: Iron Phoenix

Hairy Faces

Eyes, Makeup & Hair Part 4- Highlighting Hair
Eyes, Makeup & Hair Part 3- Make-up & Hair
Eyes, Makeup & Hair Part 2- Female Face
Eyes, Makeup & Hair Part 1- Male Face 


Romain tests out Vallejo Paint

On It

On the Table: Series 4 Episode 3

Whitely So

How to Paint White (Warm)

Cannon Canon

How to Paint Ironblaster Cannon Part 2 of 2
How to Paint Ironblaster Cannon Part 1

What A Dragoes

Infinity :: Dragoes