Friday, 8 April 2011

Horribly Lovely Little Group

Taban Miniatures - EDEN Salute 2011 Previews

Lovely Little Group

Metros, Paracomando, Chasseur, Voluntaria y Sofotecto

I have enjoyed watching this ...

Building a Talos in a Week - Day Six

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 4/1 – 4/7

That's a big one

True Scale Land Raider

It's all armless

Magnetized Space Marines Pt.1
Magnetized Space Marines Pt.2 

Dust masks are all the rage

Tutorial - How to prepare a Resin Miniature

Adepticonification - The Aftermath Continues

Adepticon & Crystal Brush – Afterward

Adepticon: WAB team tournament armies

Just some random pics from Adepticon

Adepticon: Armies Of The Traitor Legions (and Daemons)
Adepticon: Armies of the Filthy Xenos Scum ;)
Adepticon: Armies Of The Space Wolves
Adepticon: Armies Of The Blood Angels
Adepticon: Armies Of The (Vanilla) Space Marines
Adepticon: Armies Of The Imperial Guard

AdeptiCon: Killzone Events Recap Outline

Adepticon - more pretty pictures

Adepticon 2011, Part II: Da Loot!

Guest Article: Adepticon Terrain

Adepticon Armies

Adepticon Malifaux terrain

Adepticon: So When Do I Recover, Exactly? (and Pics!)

AdeptiCon: The Killzone

The Weekly Top X - Adepticoverage

More from his mate

More from my mate Liam - Flyers

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy

Grey Knight Lord Kaldor Draigo

Lordy, Lordy

Khorne World Eaters Terminator Lord Zhufor

For the Flesh

Blending Fantasy Flesh Tones

You should see my 'stock' ;)

Re-cycled Material for Modelling


Slaanesh chaos Lord

And We Shall Know No Fear

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Exclusive Behind the Scenes of the Universe Trailer [HD]

Cheap and Cheerful

Product Review: The Five Dollar Airbrush


Holy Sister


Crystal Brush Big Pics Now Up - Wonderful

Crystal Brush Awards Winners

Crystal Brush Artworks Gallery

So many incredible pieces to choose from !!!