Saturday, 17 September 2011

Little Ladies Again

Kingdom Death Miniatures Review

Very nice again

NOVEDADES - Septiembre 2 / NEW RELEASES - September 2

Same Old Story

Further delay on all Shofer projects, got a bad neck :(

Couple of Niceies

Brass Angels army

Khorn Berserkers 2

Torment Yerself

Lord of Torment

Safe and Sound

Deliveries and Painting

Free Tut

Painting Freehands

You are doing it right

3D Printers and scale comparison

Just Lovely

Novedades Anima Tactics para Septiembre 2011

Stick it One

Just Glue It


Rhino or Razorback?

Magnetic Collection

Working with Magnets

A matter of scale

Proportional Paula

Flying Boats ???!!!

Dystopian Wars- Prussian Painting How To Guide

Chop 'Em

From The Chopping Board - Cheap Ork Shoota Boyz

Better PP Pics

Privateer Press December 2011 releases


El Flautista, The Sorcerer y The Usurper por Historic Art Miniatures

Game Over

Hasslefree 2011 - Results
Hasslefree Miniatures Win