Saturday, 14 April 2012

Trusty Rust

How to paint rust

Bad Baby

How to paint Baby Kade Malifaux by Lester Bursley

The Griffon's Spheroids

How to paint an Empire griffon? Karl Franz on Deathclaw Warhammer Fantasy Battle Buypainted


Sea battle diorama: How to make water effects (tutorial)


"Witchlands Hovel"

Cold Steel

3D Art: Viking: Battle for Asgard


Forge World Chaos Decimator – Review

And Went

Fantasy: The Second Coming

Mad As One

Painting Malifaux Seamus the Mad Hatter – Tutorial

Popooree Refill

proyecto dread de nurgle

A study in bright metallics

Pics of completed LH-Commander Culln and an Attack Bike.
Models In the cabinet.

An Army of Frogs...

Nariad (Наряд)

Imperial Fist

Skyline Extreme

Franz Hartmann z Ostlandu

Brigade Menne: Mis y jour


Batrep: 2000pts Tyranids vs Necrons

Bestigor/Chaos Warrior Conversions Painted

Pułkownik Michał Wołodyjowski

Grey Knights: Converted Dreadnoughts Complete!

Roman Vexillifer (Pegaso Models 75mm)

 32nd Inquisitorial Guard – I salute you!

10mm Fantasy Sampling for LSNC: Fantasy, Ancients & Medieval

More drama please

Cruzado - Nocturna 54mm

Scenery Showcase: Deep in the Jungle

Some more Puppet Wars minis

Contemplating the Wargames Con Team Tourney


Spring Cleaning ..

Upside Down

SA/GO: Inversion Top Tip

Bases Always Good

How I Base Miniatures

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Historic Art Miniatures - Preview Novedades

Cuartel General / Headquarters

Mantic Games - Preview Night Spawn Veermyn
Nightmarish Creations

'Tainted' World Eater color scheme terminators
World Eaters Pre Heresy color scheme "tainted" terminators
World Eaters color scheme Defiler

Some quick Sky-Earth NMM
Gamezone Empire equivalents: infantry

Fun Barabarian miniatures

Another Cool Mini figure

> Cool mini or not vampire countess

More Pre Heresy era Blood Angel Assault marines

Ancient Sons of Horus terminator

Naval Brigade Command

Lt Melvill - Zulu Wars - Empress Miniatures

Black Scorpion et le Salute.


Predator et mutants

"Prokles " Egzekuthor armor warrior

Blood Angel

Polecat 28mm

Zeds vs Survivants

diorama asalto al baluarte de la Trinidad por los ingleses en badajoz 1812

Just for fun

Arjac Rockfist The Anvil of Fenris

Curso de pintura de Pepa Saavedra en Girona, 12 y 13 de Mayo 2012.

Rhulic Heavies Ready for Service

Chaos Decimators Built!

Vintage White Dwarf 207. March 1997

MG Gundam Epyon modeled by StraitStealth

Warhammer River Troll painted by GUITARIST

mvm3897's YOUTUBE album at

Start of my medieval village
Space Dwarves fight the genestealers

Ruining again