Saturday, 10 March 2012


God save the queen... er... Brush!

Tanks And Trucks

Plastic Soldier Company PzIII F G H box (review)

Dodge WC 56 Kit AFV

In Your Dreams

Chaos Daemon Whispers

Popooree Refill


Dreadnought Władców Nocy

Konkursowi janczarzy

Tendrae and small Preview

40k anniversary Model Done

Happy Birthday [...belated]

Conversion Corner: Necrons

Dux completed

CoA Icarus Flyer

The 3rd Blue Miniatures Badge

Vampiro alado, cada vez más cerca.

SmogCon 2012 Report: UK Gamers Approve!

Ripping Yarns

Showcase: Epic Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines test

Sudan & Ancient Models for Sale

Club Day Massacre

Necron Stormlord Painted - 15mm Krators

 Ziterdes - New Scenery Releases

The First Space Marine Plastics- Flashback Fridays

Deep Cut Studio has laster-etched terrain

Gi-Hugic Dreadnought Librarian Conversion + Video!

Ride Em

20mm Kennington & SHQ vs 1/72 Esci, Napoleonic mounted

Come On GW, This Is Supposed To Be A State-Of-The-Art New Model

Miniature Review - Space Wolves Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Templar Raiders!

Finished! Diretroll Mauler

Felicity & Haiden

Grec Classique



Conversion Beamer FTW!

Chaos Unbound
Chaos Ascendant
Chaos Hellcannon now available to Advance Order


Lone Wolf

Miniature Terrain gallery at Privateer Press
Terrain Gallery

Draft Dodger

Cang the Implacable by Pedro Fernandez!

Tournament Tomorrow

My Armor is Contempt(or)

Death Guard Terminator Conversions

 New pic showing Colossal size comparison!

 All Your Bases...

 Lead Painters' League Opens

 A small update from Brigade Chemineau

Modern Plastic Cans

Modern Africa and The Lebanon

28mm Skull Helmet First Resin Test!


All ruins painted

Scarlet Thunder - rolling on

Gundam TR-121 Hazel

Ogre Kingdoms Thundertusk

Cinci Con and CAG Bash Details

On the desk...

TSATF Eygptian- Madhist Game


Work on the first battleship ends!

Tempus Fugitives: Godhammer Event Weekend

Battle at Hokksund