Wednesday, 2 March 2011

10,000 Reads, Special Thread, From The Colonel - The Prelude (Part 1)

Slowly, but surely, we approach 10,000 reads and, as a treat for me (and maybe you ;) ), here we go ...

Here was the teaser ...

Quick, scratch-built, urban, 'base' ...

Details to follow.

Primed (what can I tell you?)...

Details to follow.

Light up your life

A Newbie Working with LEDs for Model Kits

Your seams are showing

How to Fix Seams with Tenax Plastic Cement

Paint it Blue

Citadel, Vallejo, or P3? Which Paint do i choose?

Dirty, Dirty

Flames of War - Dirty Tracks

Warpstone Goodness

Skaven Screaming Bell

That Terminator should have been dead!

Fallacy in 40k Part 1: Mathhammer

Tankfest (+)

Concurso ciudad de Leganes (2parte)

Lovely Head and Pack

Bits painted for

Old Stuff Day

Great Big Bust

Step by Step - Supreme intelligence bust


Old Stuff Day : Making Craters With Plaster

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

Old Stuff Day: 40k Podcast Review

Wish we had the source

LED Lights! Marines and Stormraven!

Really Crate

Review: Planet Fantasy Hobbyrange Armybox

Rusty Nuts

Tutorial Tuesday #8: Your Rhino’s All Rusty…