Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Build Up

Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 6 (Terrain in a Game)
Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 5
Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 4
Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 3
Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 2
Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 1

The Hills Have Spies

Constructing the recent rocky hill...
Another rocky hill...

Touchy Subject Here

Anger of the (Finecast) Necrons

Birch Me

Birch Tree Cones for modelling


Infinity - Conquering the Caskuda!


Veer-myn Scourger and Stalkers

Last Call for Reaper: I Did My Part

American Civil War Rebs or Zouaves (and friends) redux!

Friday Rucht Hour: Speaking of Reaper

Collecting John Pickford: Duck Season
Collecting John Pickford: Foundry Halflings review

A Roman Saga IV

Early Byzantine/Late Roman Army for Sale/ or A Blast from the Past!

UA Marine Corps

20mm Platoon 20, WWI vs 1/72 Atlantic Nexus, Russian Revolution

28mm Nap skirmish game

Kolony Rebel Squad Leader sprue available now

The Wizards Tower

First "Look,Sarge, No Charts: Fantasy, Ancients & Medieval" Work Session

Tripod miniature

Willy Wonka Robot


Historicon 2012 After Action Report Part 3


Forge World Newsletter #312 - Predator Infernus - Demios Pattern

"Offstage" con Rafael García Marín y Volomir
Offstage" con Jesús Martín de Nocturna Models y Rafa Coll

(8/25/12) Hobbits!

vistas diorama

15mm Sci-Fi Deep Space Exploration Transport Vehicles

Wargaming Weekend: From Russia with Love

The Battle of Viewpoint 1777 a Fictional AWI Batrep

CMON Lovelies

Kreimhild's Revenge
Scriviner 28mm Wreckage
REAPER She Devil
Necron Overlord

Through The Space Window

Mercury 9 part 19: Photo etch and windows

Abnett Answers

Dan Abnett - Teasers and Promos
Dan Abnett: Writing, Writer's Block, Epilepsy and Ghosts
Dan Abnett: Favourite Things to Write, Foreign Visits and Having the Last Word

Mock It Good

Clinic: MOCK IT UP!

Armour Wash

How To Winter Wash 15mm Tanks


How to make Medieval Paint - Egg Tempera Paint Like DaVinci Made

Inz De Owz

Pre-Painted Terrain in he House!

Leaf Less

How to make some extra foliage camouflage for military vehicles (Tutorial)

Camo Netting for 15mm Tanks