Sunday, 23 January 2011

From here to ..

Just to say, I love the Infinity range (and Urban War, but the weapons sculpts are no match), but money must be focussed, for now (ever?!).

Infinity: Jan 2011 Releases

Tee Hee

Scibor Miniatures - Love is Pain
Valentine's Day Promotion

Marines get bigger everyday

Miniature Sculpting Proportions Chart - Space Marines and Humans from CD
Sculpting Charts - Gone

Long Time Ago

Assault Marine in MkV Heresy Armour


WWDKD: Basing Snow

Note the comments on yellowing.

Oooooo ... lovely, lovely, case comp (almost random)

KR Multicase Giveaway Contest!

Brush with life

Tools & Techniques #2: Brushes
Q&A: painting Deathwing, miniature brushes

Stripping (Part 1)

You better recognise that ...

Plastic (e.g. polystyrene) miniatures ...

... are not Metal Miniatures ...

How I strip paint off models

How I strip paint and why?

Stripping Paint off of Plastic Miniatures
Stripping Metal & Plastic wargaming miniatures
Also ...

Everybody Into The Pool!
Paint stripping & repainting of Dwarfs underway
Cleaning Minis Tutorial

A little experiment, from The Colonel, coming soon ...

... and, because it is always good to learn lessons :), from Loquacious ...

[40K] Arguing With Paint, Vol 1
[40K] Arguing With Paint, Vol. 2: Opinions Welcome

These may have a place in my future

40K: Grey Knight Storm Raven Sighted

Look at the size of that thing ...

Base reviews from Brückenkopf

Review: Planet Fantasy Hobbyrange Bases
Review: Micro Art Studio Multibases
Review: PK-Pro Basen im Wüstendesign
Review: Dark Art Miniatures Resinbases