Saturday, 18 August 2012


Tuesday Tutorial (Terrain Boards)
The Finished FW Stronghold Board

Realms of Battle Board Tile 10
Realms of Battle Board Tile 9
Realms of Battle Board Tile 8
Realm of Battle Board Tile 7
Realm of Battle Board Tile 6


Tuesday Tip Cheap Airbrush Cleaner


Wednesday Night Hobby Jam
Wednesday Night Hobby Jam

Weigh A Head

Review: 28mm Russian Heads from West Wind Productions


#SuperDungeonExplore – My New Jam!


Technical Pen Take 3

On the Field

Battlefield Miniatures 20mm WWII German figures review

Grin And Bear It

Mono-God Nurgle DOC (Review of the new Plague Bearers)

To Prove It

Painting White Scars Space Marines


New Kolony Rebel Squad Leader Sprues

A Medieval Story or Surprise

Necron Acan-AWESOME-thrites! lol FW hotness

Armorcast Road Kill Animals

Dol Amroth reinforcements

Third time's a charm?

Tuesday Late post

Samurai Army WIP

1/72 Royal Marine support group Centaur finished

Progress on drive for minis + new greens

The Battle of Faleri 209 BC - I could lose the war.......
Armoured pioneer company and anti-tank company


Finished! Trollblood Runeshapers

Boiler Tank

Malifaux Teasers for Gencon

Titania Planetary Guard Update

Golden Demon Germany 2012
GD 2012 Warhammer 40K Winners with pics
GD 2012 Fantasy, Duel, Diorama and LoTR winners

CMON Lovelies

xv9 hazard suit commander with shields
Wolf Guard
Space Hulk Terminator Librarian


Unboxing the new Slaaneshi chariot

Next To Chaos Godliness

Forge World - Great Unclean One of Nurgle - Part 2
Forge World - Great Unclean One of Nurgle - Part 1

He's Got The Power

Gothic Power Generator ~ With Secret Weapon Miniatures, Mig & AK Interactive


Unboxing Warhammer Paint set


Trench gaming table - Ulanor - Anyone for snow? - Part 15

Tubular Spells

Cardboard Tube Terrain Project by IDICBeer