Sunday, 31 March 2013


How to paint Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf? Space Wolves Warhammer 40k painting tutorial 2/2
How to paint Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf? Space Wolves Warhammer 40k painting tutorial 1/2

Rrarrrrrrrr !!! (bumped for done)

How to Paint Pre Herey Space Wolves - FINAL
How to Paint Pre Heresy Space Wolf - Part 2
Project Pre Heresy - Space Wolf Taetorial Part 1

On The Wagon

Keil Karft Foden C Type Steam Wagon
keil kart 6 ton steam wagon


All things zombie terrain

Pee Rah Nar

How to paint a Tau Piranha TX-42

Are You Sewer?

Sewer's a start at least


Airbrush review&Studio update

Trucking (bumped for addage)

Tamiya German 3 Ton Cargo Truck Part III
Tamiya German 3 Ton Cargo Truck Part II
Tamiya German 3 Ton Cargo Truck Part I

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Death Rattle

Ratling Sniper -- Imperial Guard -- Painting for Us Mere Mortals Painting Tutorial

Mainly For Them

Tau Pictures and Rules April 2013 White Dwarf Review


NEW Monster Maker Interview! John Rosengrant - Academy Award Nominated Co-Founder of Legacy Effects

If It Don't Fit...

Force on Force - miniature skirmish game & a small ramble

Stop Shouting !!!

Shout Out Saturday Episode 14
Shout Out Saturday Episode 15
Shout Out Saturday Episode 16

Cut Above

Silicone Makeup Tips: How To Fill Flat Moulds
3 Flat Moulds application final & complete


unclean tutorial 1 basing

What A Saga (bumped for addage)

Ep6 - 'How To Play' SAGA, Warlord Special Rules
Ep5 - 'How To Play - SAGA, Scenery & Cover
Ep4 - 'How To Play' - SAGA, Fatigue
Ep3 - 'How To Play - SAGA, Activation Phase
Ep2 - 'How To Play' - SAGA, The Orders Phase
Ep1 - 'How to Play' - SAGA


Making Thatched Roofs - miniature wargaming scenery

Commission Air

commissions yea we do

Hobbycrib Wow

1:200 Wings update April 2013

Friday, 29 March 2013


NEW Mini-Lessons - Garage Monster's Guide to FX Workshop Basics - PREVIEW 
NEW MINI-LESSONS! - Garage Monsters - FX Shop Basics

Airbrush Veining Techniques - MINI-LESSON PREVIEW - with Creature FX Legend Steve Wang 
Airbrush Veining Techniques - MINI-LESSON 

A Little Delayed

Infinity, Dragons & Flames of War! - On The Table s5 ep. 9


Horizontal gateway piece with a how to stress test/ prep sand and stone work for painting

Hot As

Mercury 9 part 33: Spotlights and decals
Project Mercury 9: Tank and spotlights

Being Civil

Kit review: MiniArt German civilians in 1/35 scale

Flashing Back

A Look Inside: Fantasy Miniatures (Part 1)

More Relicking

Unboxing Fantesy Flight's "Relic"

Ops Of Colour

Black Ops Suppression Team

Sealed And Delivered

How To Make Green Stuff Purity Seals

I Usually Keep Away From Lego - Here Is An Exception

Building with the Bay Area Lego Users Group: BAYLUG


DEMONJESTERJ'S 5 Questions To A Model Maker With Guest SchnauzerFaceMinis

Teeny Tank

Drybrushing 6mm GHQ models

Extreme 6mm Modelling Highlighting


Mantic Skeletons and How I painted them
Mantic Skeleton showcase

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Needs No Explanation (bumped for addage)

PlastiTV S02EP02 - Sherman M4-A1 (Italeri) 1/35 - Parte 03: Envelhecimento
PlastiTV S02EP02 - Sherman M4-A1 (Italeri) 1/35 - Parte 02: Pintura
PlastiTV S02EP02 - Sherman M4-A1 (Italeri) 1/35 - Parte 01: Montagem


PS - Unboxing my Warlord Games Bolt Action order
PS - Bolt Action Plastic T34 - 85

Lotsabigkits (bumped for addage)

What's in The Box: Celestial Fulcrum - War Wagon - Throne of Everblight

What's in the Box: The Leviathan Crusader

On Your Ends

Minitaire Unboxing and Preview

Logged (bumped for 'done')

J2 FlightLog 30: Part 5/5 Prepping the Computer Wall
J2 FlightLog 30: Part 4/5 Slight change of plans
J2 FlightLog 30: Part 3/5 LEDs on Deck!
J2 FlightLog 30: Part 2/5 The LEDs are Firing
J2 FlightLog 30: Part 1/5 SettingtheScene


Highlight Everything OSL pt1

Kopro A Load Of This

KOPRO / MASTER CRAFT 1/72 Avia 35.B - A Building Review

Not Surrey

Hobby tips 13 Slurrey

Fingering Fix

Hobby tips 12 Getting rid of finger prints continued


Easily Model Realistic Ground Cover

Missed It - Bugger

Chilling Wargamers # 12 Easter Giveaway Extravaganza sponsored by Scibor with LazyPugPro


Samurai Battles Unboxing
Samurai Battles closer look at figures