Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Safe And Loud Sound

Bazalgette Gets A Bit Cagey
Hours of Handiwork...
Suit You, Sir!

His First Time

My first Shapeways
My first Shapeways order and a little story

On The Road, In the Field

Hotz Mats 15mm fields and 6mm weathered roads


Dave's Workbench 2
Neat and tidy

All White

In space, nobody can hear you rust
Constructing the Alabaster


Juliette Kaime

Remarkably Detailed Paper-Craft Models by Papero

TQD Casting Falklands war British soldier 1/72.

"Operation Cornichon" - Game 3 - Setup and Turns 1-3

Ainsty Castings Derelict School Bus

Malifaux New Player Day – Worlds at War, Livingston

15mm Imperial Strike Force for 'Alien Squad Leader'
More 15mm Sci Fi - Bwendi logistics and tanks

Scuffle on Eta Bootie IV - Urban War Report

AWI pictures

Gunship done, back to the brickwork
WIP: Ultramarine Stormtalon Gunship
Firewall the Engines

Canoptek Chrome

June 12

Origins Game Fair 2012 Pics

Ultramarines Deimos Patter Predator

Broadside 2012

CMON Lovelies

Crimson Fists Space Marines (Sternguard)
Typhus, Lord of Nurgle
Grey Knights Purifiers
Jabba the hutt (Knight Model)


Magnetized Necron Command/annihilation barge

Furries' Loins

Sculpting 101 Sculpting fur cloaks/loincloths


40k Space Marines Stormtalon Walker Conversion

Dusty Tank

Dust Tactics Heavy Panzer Walker Build Part 4


Crimson Fist Apothecary Objective Marker
Crimson Fist Objective Marker 5

Yay !!!

Let´s talk about! Brushes

On The Beaches

Flames of War - More Churchills


Mad Model Men!
Mad Model Men


Interview with Carlo "Let's Cut Foam"

Choice Is Nice

New Colours


Miniature Painting 101 - Part 2 - All about Paints
Miniature Painting 101 - Part 1 - The Tools of the Trade

Resistance Is Possible

XRobots - How To Solder simple electronic joints, LEDs and resistors
XRobots - How To calculate LED resistor values using Ohms Law, series and parallel wiring