Wednesday, 31 October 2012


How to Paint a Chaos Warpsmith part 1/3
How to Paint a Chaos Warpsmith part 2/3
How to Paint a Chaos Warpsmith part 3/3

Fire !!!

Flames of War - Open Fire Version 3
Flames of War - Open Fire V3 update

Hobbyclaycribs (bumped for addage)

Studio Finally Set Up at my House For The Winter
Sculpture Tutorial - Protector - Surgery on his Face
Sculpture Tutorial - Protector - Working out the Design 
Sculpture Tutorial - Finishing up WOLF ROBE
Sculpture Tutorial - Working on the bust of The Protector
Sculpture Tutorial - Using a Fabric Stiffener 
Sculpture Tutorial - Stiffener and Eyes Today 
Sculpture Tutorial - Shirt and Eye Surgery
Sculpture Tutorial - Visiting Two Foundries Today - Plains Warrior in Wax
Sculpture Tutorial - Finalizing Wolf Robe Clay for Foundry
Sculpture Tutorial - Coloring Bronze - At the Foundry
Doing a show in Dillon Montana Today
Sculpture Tutorial - Shipping to Italy and Re-Coloring Island Song

Chips With That

Chipped paint with a #2 Pencil

More Biggy

Warmachine / Hordes Circle Orboros Woldwrath Gargantuan Unboxing

Fire Away

Q n' A session 02 31/10/2012


Iwata power jet pro review


Games Workshop Battlescape Unboxed (Warhammer 40K Review)


Blood Angels Stormraven Unboxed (Warhammer 40K Review)

Little Germans

Review of German WW2 Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 1 (Orion 1/72)


Dropzone Commander- Demonstration and Comments

On Show


Are Yours Tiny? (bumped for addage)

Scale Model Kustoms - painting small parts

Quick tip on mounting heads

Bloody Wolf

Warboss Taetorial - How to Paint Blood with Tamiya Clear Red

Lady Of The Paint

Something western this way comes............