Sunday, 17 March 2013

In The Shade (bumped for addage)

Airbrushing for Gamers part 3
Airbrushing for Gamers pt. 2 - Shading
Airbrushing for Gamers - part 1


Unboxing Ikarus Hovertank by

Barn Storm

Flames of War - French Barn ending 
Flames of War - TP French Barn Redux
Flames of War - Terrainproject French Barn

Leeching (bumped for addage)

How to Paint Festus - Part 4
How to Paint Festus the Leechlord - Part 3
How to Paint Festus Part 2
Warhammer Fantasy How to Paint Festus the Leechlord Part 1

Dark Kits

Darklands : BLOOD-MAW 360 Rotation
Darklands : CHAAGMUTH THE JAW-TAKER 360 Rotation
Darklands : BÁINTAAC 360 Rotation


Dark Eldar: Pain Tokens


Product Review: Wreck Age, Stitcher Hunters

On His Marks

Review: Tabletop-Art Bits (Marker, Banner,Umbau-Kits)


How to Paint Chaos Cultists


Out of box review: A set of Babylon 5 models

Angelic (bumped for addage)

Angel Interc... I mean, Viper update + Rob's little tank!
Airfix Angel Interceptor Part 1

Hard Coats

Painters Workbench, Ep 1-How To Use Future and Testors Dullcote to Protect a Miniature, Vid 242
A Fistful of Magma Cannons, Vid 60

Was That Thunder? Hark !!!

SuperHeavy Surprise!