Monday, 18 April 2011


WIP pics of Razorback and finished Stormraven

Trees a crowd

Tutorials: Trees Edition

Time to get a blog, T&T

Tanks & Trolls

40k ... never again

40,000 Subscribers! Space Hulk Giveaway, Free Terrain DVD, and more...
MiniWarGaming's 40k Subscriber Appreciation Contest

Salutification - The Aftermath

Salute 2011 - Games

Salute 2011 road trip....

Salute 2011

Salute 2011 – Part One

Salute 2011 - The Aftermath

And the Winner is…

Verneuil at Salute

The Salute Game 2011

Salute hindsight...
Salute 2011 - God bless the ladies...
Salute 2011 part 2 The Reject's on tour
The Rejects at Salute 2011
Salute 2011 Painting Competition results
Salute 2011 #1 
Salute 2011 #2
Salute 2011 2/2
Salute 2011: galleries

Speak for themselves

Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadows - Legendary version


Work in Progress 2°: Mi faccio il mio Maniero – I make my Manor

May be my first PP purchase

Lord Exhumator Scaverous

Careful Now

Safety Gear - dremel and airbrushing

Pew, Boom

Review: Quantum Gothic Catalyst (Missile Launcher)


A Cool DreadKnight Alternative

Quite Lovely

Your models from Spain, France and The Netherlands

What colour is your water?

TerranScapes - Possible Alternate Water Color.wmv

Keep it clean

TerranScapes - Cleaning an Airbrush.wmv

Foaming at the box

TerranScapes - Hot Wire Foam Factory Foam Coat System Intro

Hobbycribs - The Director's Cut

Darth Vader takes u on a tour of my studio

Strip It Good

IDICBeer 40k Stripping Metal Models



Very nice indeed


Another worthy blast

Space wolf Lord

Always like them and love these

Unit Fillers!

Lovely axe

Space Marine Librarian complete

Portugese, Portugese, Portugese ... Grrrrr ;)

Segunda expo de fantacy/fantacy second exp

Dip It Good

[Adept Zero] Speed Painting with Dipping

Painting Thoughts

A long diatribe and one little tip

Gotsa Love 'Em

Steampunk Freddy Krueger action figure

Steampunk Iron Man action figure

Goodnight Vitor :)

Entrevista - Fernando Ruiz

Just Lovely

Massacre at Dipswallow